Monday, January 21, 2008

6 PhD fellowships at the University of Roma La Sapienza

6 PhD fellowships at the University of Roma La Sapienza
The Università di Roma "La Sapienza" offers n. 6 PhD fellowships for attaining the degree of "Dottore di Ricerca" (Ph. D.) in the Doctoral Schools listed in Appendix 1.Each fellowship amounts to 16,590 € per year (net of government taxes).The Ph.D. programme lasts for three years and may be extended to a fourth year (without grant), subject to approval by the School authorities. At the end of the first and of the second year of attendance, students have to be evaluated as proficient according to the rules of the Schools.
Applications are opened from candidates who:
are not Italian citizens;are not residents of Italy;have obtained abroad an academic qualification by a non-Italian institution equivalent tothe Italian "laurea specialistica" . The equivalence of each qualification to the relevant Italian degree will be ascertained (for the sole purpose of this competition) by the Academic Board of the Schools.
Selection and admissionsApplications will be evaluated on the basis of academic qualification by means of the documents.The evaluation will be made by a selection Board consisting of the Committee for Ph.D. courses of the Università "La Sapienza" and the representatives of the Ph.D. Schools Coordinators. Each selected candidate will be assigned to a Doctorate School. Each Doctorate School will decide in which Programme (within those belonging to the School, see Appendix 1) to enrol the candidate on the basis of both his/her preferences and interests.
Attainment of PhDStudents must attend the courses and the seminars offered by the Programme, pass the connected examinations, and prepare a PhD dissertation, that must have original results. The PhD title is obtained at the end of the third year after the candidate dissertation and its positive evaluation made by an independent Jury appointed by the Rector. The discussion may be delayed with the approval of the School authorities, but not for more than one year. Read more:

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