Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sign the petition letter

Dear friends,
As you all know that in Burma, China-owned corporations arerapidly raising their investment in energy sector, particularly inhydropower development projects. Indeed, those investments are not environmentally friendly, ecologically unsustainable, and the benefitswould definitely flow to military regime's pocket. Moreover, therewould be dramatic negative impacts to environment, society and economy of the community, where large dams are going to be built.
The following letter is requesting the Chinese government to take suchactions regarding their investments in Burma,
1.Carrying out comprehensive environmental and social impact assessments (EIAs and SIAs) on projects abroad and make those publiclyavailable, in order to adequately determine the feasibility ofprojects before concluding any agreements.
2. Keeping affected communities informed from the outset of all plans regarding hydropower development projects and involved indecision-making regarding those projects. This includes publiclyreleasing dam feasibility studies, investment and financialagreements, MOUs, MOAs, and clear information regarding responsible parties.
We, Burma Rivers Network, need your solidarity. If you agree pleasesend your organization's endorsement at this address –, before 19, November, 2007. Yourendorsement should include your organization name and organizationalemail address or directly can sign at
In solidarity
Burma Rivers Network

Burma Rivers Network is comprised of representatives of differentethnic organizations from potential dam affected communities in Burma. Our mission is to protect the health of river ecosystems and sustainbiodiversity, rights and livelihoods of communities.