Thursday, January 17, 2008

When is the press going to ask about global warming?

The press has been asking the presidential candidates hundreds of questions on a range of issues, but seldom asks about the greatest threat to our planet: the climate crisis. I want to know how the next President -- Democrat, Republican or Independent -- is going to address this critical issue. Don't you?Please click here to sign our petition urging the press to ask the candidates questions about global warming.A League of Conservation Voters study found that ABC's George Stephanopoulos asked presidential candidates more than 767 questions -- only 5 of which were related to global warming. CNN's Wolf Blitzer asked more than 402 questions -- only 5 were about global warming. Sadly, other political commentators and reporters have shown a similar disregard for this key issue.This crisis is solvable but it will take leadership. Technologies are available and numerous policies for accelerating their use have been carefully considered. It is now up to our elected representatives to galvanize implementation. Quickly. The next US President must lead this effort.More important than asking candidates about UFOs, childhood nicknames or sports teams, the press needs to ask candidates how they intend to unlock solutions to the climate crisis. Reporters and their editors need to hear from readers like you and me.Please sign our petition today and urge the press to ask much-needed questions on how candidates will address global warming.