Monday, December 3, 2007


The story was happened while every body were sleeping like child, but me I could not sleep at all, because some idea came up in my head and pulled my cool hand to pick up a blue pen and bring out the white paper, then pulled my legs to step out from the bed room. Because a short and little girl were sleeping. So I stepped my feet down stair slowly, I did not want to wake Miao Miao up.
The first sign that came up in my head while I closed my eyes and take a long breathe was “Green”
I would like to say this word “Ngam Lai” (very beautiful). We drove from the feet of the mountain to the top. Luxury cars are moving, I sat inside the car and near window, and I looked out from the window and saw wonderful place, thick forests, long and curve way. I just imagine and feel like I was on the back of anaconda who are moving up and down, curve and straight a long the remote area up to the highest mountain in the wonderful land, fresh air, peaceful, and people are friendly and very kind, smile on their faces made me fall and fall and fall in love with this warm and peaceful village.
The village are surrounding by mountains, natural atmosphere and Sakura bloom in December, waterfall and streams, which villagers build micro-hydro power for their village and transfer to the city.
No doubt, why people are in love with Mae Kam Pong village.
It so beautiful, charming and unique, quirky and joyous for living things those are around. It’s impossible to erase it from my memory; I stuck in Mae Kam Pong village.
We walked through the thick forest and aim to the waterfall, very high waterfall. The waterfalls crawl down from the mountain, and dropped her big drop into the earth. And keep crawl a long the way it wants to make streams in the forest, it seems never stop crawling. I saw the big drop keep spring a long and streaming through the village down to the low land to feed all living things in the world.
Some of us get tired and sit in the small cabin while some of us keep walking up to the top of the waterfall, 15 minutes later we were on the top, I browsed my eyes around down to beyond. “Oh! I am the king, king of the jungle” said I
The rain sprayed her tear around the forest and dropped the pure tear on my cheek, a moment the rain gone and we all down to join with our team.
Time for us to say goodbye, the forest looked sad and blue, then she cried and dropped her tears all over us. We all got wet and started walking down to the cars in the village.
I lost my heart there, it is astrayed somewhere in the jungle, and I will come back and find where my heart is!

“Goodbye Mae Kam Pong Village,
I am sure we will meet again in the near future
No matter how far we are and
No matter how long will we meet?
Our hearts beat as one.
I will miss you.” Buzzing in the dept of my heart

Blue fingers