Thursday, February 14, 2008

LeadershipProgram- Korea

To whom it may concern.
This is to request you to recommend CSOs (Civil Society Organization) and GOs of your region including your organization to participate our training program. UNEP Eco-Peace Leadership Center supports CSOs/GOs to find the solution for Environmental problems that they faced in their own country. Last year we recruited and trained 23 representatives from 12 countries in Asia-Pacific region and this is the second program. We focus on 7 different topics with the collaboration of UNEP. Seven topics are ‘Peace & Cooperation’, ‘Urban Ecology Environment’, ‘Water & Dam’, ‘Desertification & Forest’, ‘Local Community Revival’, ‘Environment & Culture’ and ‘Renewable Energy’.
All candidates should send ‘Application and Study Plan’ which is based on the real field problems or the current issues that you want to solve in your hometown related on 7 topics mentioned above. We plan to have an Orientation on coming May in Korea for a week which will be flexible. We will support $2,000 for completion of our program, in addition to meals, accommodation and air ticket for your travel to Korea. All documents stated below should be submitted by the end of March, 2008.

Application, Study and Budget Plan Form
Recommendation letters
Resume or CV
English proficiency
Please find the attached files for further information.If you have any questions, please contact the address and number in attached file.
Sincerely, Yeong-Wan SeoSecretary General of UNEP Eco-Peace Leadership Center