Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Save the planet!

A Commitment to Help Save The Planet

Take a break from driving. Walk or ride a bicycle(the two most efficient forms of transportation ever devised). And if you have to drive, take a bus or carpool whenever possible.
Bring your own bag. Bring a cloth bag with you and reuse the plastic bags you do get wherever you buy anything. Tell the vendor you don’t need a bag! (Globally, we use as many as 1 million new plastic bags every Minutes.)
Use fewer plastic bottles. Drink the water provided at restaurants, at school and at work- it’s filtered, it’s healthy and it’s free! Instead of buying expensive bottled beverages, like sugary sodas and teas.
Use recycled paper. There’s no need to use virgin paper for things like computer printing, envelopes, paper towels, or tissue. Recycled paper is now easy to find. Also be sure to print and copy on both sides of the page before taking it to the recycling bin.
Use rechargeable batteries instead of single-use batteries. They’ll save your money in the long run, and the trouble of trying to recycle used alkaline batteries (but be sure to recycle those regular batteries you have been using)!
Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). They’re much more energy efficient- lasting up to ten times longer than traditional bulbs-and save you money over their lifespan.
Recycle. Separate your trash into things that can be recycled (plastics, cans, bottles, paper, etc…) and those that can’t (which isn’t much).
Turn of lights and power strips when not in use. Even if you’re only out of the room for a few minutes, it saves energy to turn off lights and power strips while you’re not using them, then turn them back on when you need them again.
Plant a tree. In fact, plant a lot of trees. They help offset CO2 emissions, reduce water runoff, and provide much needed shade.
Talk to your friends and neighbors. Tell them what you’re doing, about your concern and interests in the environment. You may be surprised how many of them join you!

There are many other things we can do, many other ways we can help. I encourage all of us to get involved.

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