Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The rain, the river, and the tears

A window has been blurred with an unceasing rain
That is listening to so much piled-up sadness…

deep in the heart of a young girl.
She sits there, and silently looks at the curtain of rain,
A white-dimmed drape is inundating her vision.

How many times must hide together with the rain,

she doesn’t remember all;
But forgettable, her memory lives on in a voice choked with sobs,
It does not return her sister nor her ancestor’s land

that also lost in a rainy night,
She has only one simple thing, she lives with the river.

The river has been still lying, under a dull rain;
It silently flows in common with the deep pangs of parting.
Because of its robbed partial bodies, from uncontrolled ambitions;
For the time being all are just in memory, she will never get them back!

But the sun will come back with the river,
And brings those who think about Mother river’s giving

birth and a settled position to.
The river still currents, but full of sinewy vitality;
Just remain a sparkle glint from the girl’s soul,

with the river bathed in radiant sunlight.

By Talong

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